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Delight your taste buds with an authentic Kaju Katli


Cashew nuts
Cardamom powder


1. Firstly, in a mixie take 2 cup cashew and blend to a fine powder. Make sure to pulse and blend else, the cashew will release oil and turns into a paste.
2. Sieve the cashew powder making sure there are no lumps. Keep aside.
3. In a large kadai take 1 cup sugar and 1⁄2 cup water.
4. Stir well and dissolve sugar. boil for 5 minutes or until one string consistency is attained.
5. Add in powdered cashew and mix well.
6. Stir continuously until the mixture is well combined
and smooth paste is formed.
7. Now add 1 tsp ghee and 1⁄4 tsp cardamom powder. Mix well.
8. Continue to cook until the mixture turns smooth paste and starts to separate the pan slightly. do not overcook, as the burfi will turn hard.
9. Transfer the mixture onto the butter paper. make sure to grease the butter paper with ghee.
10. Now fold using a spatula until the mixture thickens forming a dough.
11. Once the dough is formed, knead slightly, to form a soft dough.
12. Place the cashew dough between butter paper and roll using a rolling pin.
13. Roll slightly thick making sure it's uniform.
14. Now grease with ghee and apply silver leaf or silver vark.
15. Now cut into diamond shape and enjoy Kaju Katli.


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